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Imagine a world where Governments are enabled through connected technologies to better manage their respective countries and constituents whilst also engaging these constituents with ease. And more importantly, in a world where transparency and accountability is being demanded by the public, that the public has access through this same technology to better monitor and understand their Governments and the resultant ability to influence the impact it has on their daily lives.

Imagine no more!

MyLegislature is a purpose built Legislature Management and Community Engagement technology platform that gives legislature members and support staff a single, synchronized access point via their desktops, mobile smart phones or tablets.

It also provides members of the public a mobile access portal to the legislative process, their representatives and publicly available content from an intuitive app that is easy to use.

Digitisation is on everyone’s agenda, but governmental organisations are unsure or unclear on how to tackle this problem. MyLegislature was developed in partnership with a working legislature, the South African Parliament, in order to solve real operational problems. Large, disparate, disconnected and decentralised systems plague these entities. These legacy systems are costly, difficult to manage, make full synchronization extremely difficult and often not extensible.

As a result most of the processes still include archaic methods of printed documents, as is globally, and duplication of processes by each department. The impact on cost and efficiency, as well as the impact on deforestation and related damages are immense.

Proprietary Technology

Our objective is to provide a fully hosted, turnkey, end-to-end solution that connects the disparate systems of government into one environment; and allow intended content to flow from one source reaching out to all concerned without the need for duplication and printing, and then allowing mobile access via smart phones and tablets. The public access portal allows a public view into publicly available content via a downloadable app. on operating systems, IOS, Android or Windows.net.

As a proprietary platform, MyLegislature includes a custom Business Process Management system, is integrated to the Alfresco Document Management System and is available for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

A Global Solution

Research has shown no more than a handful of Governments around the world has successfully implemented a working solution that remotely resembles ours. In most cases mobile phones and/or tablets are not as yet included in the echo-system. An excerpt from the European Parliamentary Research Services of 2015 states as follows;
“While offering new opportunities to look at how technology can offer functionality such as location-related services, mobile computing will require new and on-going investments to exploit mobile applications and to ensure that services are being delivered in an effective manner for all types of devices. Currently only 1 in 4 public service websites in European countries is mobile-friendly”.

Commercial Model

MyLegislature is provided as a user-based licensed platform or can be purchased outright.  Options can exclude the costs of a Business Process Management platform and CMS or DMP (Content Management System or Document Management Platform) in the case where the client has their own. Support and Maintenance as per the client request.

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