Level 2 BBBEE Contributor

Our Team

Waheed Adam

Waheed Adam, once a young activist and today better described as a serial entrepreneur began his career at the young age of 22 after being rejected for his skills due to his race and young age in apartheid South Africa. He lives by the motto “through tragedy comes opportunity” and did exactly that when in 1988 he started his first company in the Group known today as the Prime Group. His ability to seek out opportunities even when none seem present, and his consistent positive attitude makes for an enviable success story. The Group comprised of activities in various sectors, including financial and social services, construction, however today its core focus is in the various disciplines of the mobile technology sector, both in SA and abroad. Waheed’s personal passion to making South Africa a better place is highlighted by his commitment to working with various NGO’s that focus on youth.

Greg Brophy

Greg Brophy developed his early skills at the Argus Newspaper Company which at the time was owned by the Anglo American Group. This experience imparted to him big company structure, process, sound corporate governance and the ability to negotiate with several big trade unions, during which time he earned a reputation for integrity and fairness. The group was sold to Sir Anthony O’ Reilly and its name changed to Independent News and Media. After a purge of management across all levels by Sir Anthony’s management “Guru’ Chris Tippler, Greg was promoted to Deputy MD of Independent Newspapers, Cape Town and became responsible for all revenue sources of the newspapers including advertising and circulation. He led the company’s venture, as MD of Independent Digital, in the digital media world and in the process launched IOL which during his reign was the no. 1 portal in SA and he also bought the majority shares of iTouch, SA on behalf of Independent News + Media. iTouch soon became one of South Africa’s international success stories as result of rapid international growth and a successful listing on the London Stock Exchange. Greg’s entrepreneurial abilities continued to impress as he built the SA region to become the third biggest player, contribution to profit, out of the groups 53 country operations.

Simon Leps

Simon started in digital media in 1994 with SEGA Interactive before moving to WorldOnline and then iTouch. He left iTouch in 2003 and, together with Grant, set up Fontera Digital Works, the biggest independent eCommerce development company in Africa. Since then they have gone on to set up offices for Fontera in London and Atlanta as well as founding the startup incubator Fontera Skunk Works. Simon is one of the founders of BEE Mobile and he holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Grant Fleming

Grant entered the digital industry as a software and applications developer at iTouch, South Africa, having completed his studies at the University of Cape Town. Grant has over a decade of experience in the mobile technology sector, 5 years in the eCommerce sector and has played an integral part in creating some of the most well-known technology services and products used today. Grant is also a co-founder of Fontera Skunk Works, a startup incubator. Grant holds a BSC Electrical Engineering, BCom Honours in Information Systems and a PGD in Management from the University of Cape Town. @sirgrantfleming can be followed on Twitter.